Let’s talk about …our 3 brains

We have 3 brains? well yes, we have : your HEAD brain, your HEART brain, and your GUT brain.

Your HEAD brain is observing the world. The seat of logic an intellect. The unconscious mind directs around 90% of our behaviors.

The brain in our head is made up of 100 billion neurons(also called nerve or brain cells).

Your GUT brain is directly engaged with the world.  90% of the body’s serotonin, involved in mood and management is produced in the gut.  EAT WELL TO FEEL WELL.

You have 100 million neurons in your intestines. The gut is now being referred to by many scientists as the gut-brain.


Your HEART brain  Iis reaching out the world.  There are more neural pathways running from the heart to the head brain than from the head brain to the heart.  The heart is made up of about 40.000 neurons. In addition to its other functions is also acts as a heart-brain which can sense , feel, learn and remember.

So, we have actually 3 brains in our body. The largest is our gut which controls intuition. Second largest is our heart which controls empathy and the smallest is the brain in our head which controls logic.

These systems need to work together. They are intricately connected.