Eat Less Sugar. You’re Sweet Enough Already

It’s very difficult to completely give up sugar as almost all the types of foods contain some form of sugar in them. You can try eliminating the bad and unnatural forms of sugar in your diet as much as possible to lead a healthy lifestyle.

A sugar-free diet can benefit you in many ways: you can manage and maintain your weight, inprove your appearance and protects you from various diseases.

A sugar free diet also helps you to stay fit and makes you feel fresher. You’ll feel more energetic and positive automatically.




Why you should give up SUGAR


Sugar is not food, it is empty calories with little nutritional value and actually causes our body to steal vitamins from other vital organs in attempt to process the sugar, leaving us undernourished.

Sugar makes you fat, it is filled with calories that are stored in our fat tissues.

Sugar makes you nervous, because there is a clear link between excess sugar and disorders like anxiety, depresion and schizophrenia, because of extreme levels of insulin and adrenalin.

Sugar causes diabetes, kidney and heart problems , because excess sugar cand damage the pancreas’s ability to function properly.

Sugar kills your teeth (I bet you know that). Sugar increases the bacteria in our mouth that erodes enamel.

Sugar supresses the imnune system , because sugar interferes with the body by overtaxing its defenses.

Sugar causes wrinkles, a high-sugar diet damages collagen.


Reasons why women should put down sugar:


  1. Sugar can make your PMS symptoms worse;
  2. Sugar can lower your emotional  stability;
  3. sugar can wreak havoc on your hormones;
  4. affects blood glucose control(needed to reduce risks)during pregnancy/breastfeeding;
  5. can lead to low birth weight in newborns if consumed during pregnancy;
  6. sugar can increase neural tube defects in embryos;
  7. sugar can lead to toxemia (the presence of toxins in the blood) in women during pregnancy.

Good to know!

125ml of Low fat fruit yogurt  contain 4 tsp of sugar

2 slices white bread contain 6 tsp of sugar

1 glazed donut contain 6 tsp of sugar

12 ounce pepsi contain 10 tsp of sugar